Information Package for Stall Holders

About River & Wren Market

Our market is a beautiful boutique handmade country market.  A predominantly indoor market, we support local and regional creators and food producers to showcase and sell the products that they make or grow.

River & Wren is curated which allows us to provide a market of diverse high quality work produced by small, generally home-based, businesses in the Riverina and to provide a fun, happy and friendly market experience for our creators and our customers.

Our Market Shops are owned by local regional creators of clothing, jewellery, candles, homewares, soaps, art, stationery, furniture .... and so much more.

The Produce Pantry offers fresh produce and homemade products grown, produced and made by local growers and producers.

The Market Kitchen is filled with delicious food stalls for our visitors to enjoy as they catch up with friends and enjoy the market entertainment.

2019 Market Dates

  • Sunday, 10 November 2019

  • Sunday, 8 December 2019

2020 Market Dates

  • Sunday, 1 March 2020

  • Sunday, 26 April 2020

  • Sunday, 28 June 2020

  • Sunday, 30 August 2020

  • Sunday, 8 November 2020

  • Sunday, 13 December 2020

Market Venue

The Market is held at the Wagga Wagga Showground, Bourke Street, Wagga Wagga @ 10am - 3pm.

The November and December Christmas Markets will start at 9am to allow an extra hour of handmade Christmas shopping!

Contact Information

Jennie Meiklejohn - Market Manager
Mobile:  0409 152 187
Mail:  PO Box 214, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Products that we Love at our Market

River & Wren is a boutique handmade market. Products and services must be on-trend and of the highest quality.  There has to be a uniqueness to what is being offered.    Products must be made by you and definitely made in Australia.

Our gourmet food hall is for market food and homemade products and homegrown produce. Street food stall holders are an important element of River & Wren.

How to Apply to Attend River & Wren

Attendance at River & Wren is by application.  If you would like to apply to attend our market please complete the online application form that you will find here.    

Applications for our markets open immediately after the previous market.

In the interest of all of our stall holders we do not have too many of the same type of shop at our market.  This will offer variety for our customers and provide a positive market experience for everyone.

Cost of a Market Shop

Indoor Market Shops are located in the Kyeamba Smith Hall and Hammond Hall at the Wagga Wagga Showground. Additional Market Shops can be set up outside the two halls, however outdoor bookings will only be accepted once the halls are fully allocated.

Market Shop Fees:

Fees are GST Exclusive

  • Indoors: $100 (3m x 3m)

  • Indoors Corner:  $130*

  • Outdoors: $70 (3m x 3m)

  • Outdoors Corner: $90*

  • Power:  $20 per market**

  • Table Hire:  $15 per table (charged by WWSS).
    Table dimensions:  Length: 1.8m x Width:  75cm x Height: 73.6cm

  • Public Liability Insurance:  $30 per market

*  Corner shops are limited so can’t be offered to everyone who asks. The placement of shops is always at the discretion of River & Wren.

**  If you have requested power for your site you must supply your own leads and connections and follow WH&S requirements in regards to electrical equipment.

*** The November & December Christmas Markets will incur an additional trading hour $20 surcharge

Payment for your Market Shop

You will be issued with a tax invoice when you are offered a position at the market.  Payment is by direct deposit by the due date.  Please use your business name and/or invoice number when making the payment.


If you apply for a market shop and find you will no longer be able to attend please notify us immediately.

If you notify us at least 30 days prior to the day of the market and the market is full and we are able to rebook your position we will refund your fees and only retain a $30 (GST exclusive) administration fee.  If we do not fill your position your fee will not be refunded except in exceptional circumstances and at our discretion.

If you advise us of your cancellation within 30 days of the day of the market but not less than 14 days and if the market is full and we can rebook your position we will refund 50% of your fees less the $30 (GST exclusive) administration fee.  If we do not fill your position your fee will not be refunded except in exceptional circumstances and at our discretion.

Fees will not be refunded if you advise us of your cancellation within 14 days of the day of the market.

Fees will not be refunded if you do not turn up on market day.

Each market will commence rain, hail or shine!  We do not refund in the case of bad weather.  We will do our best to accommodate for bad weather.

Public Liability INSURANCE

Market Shops must hold a current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability covering the shop for a minimum of $10 million.  A copy of your Certificate of Currency must be given to River & Wren before market day.

We can cover a limited number of market shops on our Public Liability Insurance policy at a cost of $32 per market.  Some products are excluded under our policy and we will advise you if we are unable to provide you with the necessary insurance cover.

The cover arranged by River & Wren Boutique Markets will cover your 3m x 3m space for public liability for the hours of trade only.  You take full liability and responsibility for your product and River & Wren recommends that you obtain your own insurance.

River & Wren Boutique Markets take no responsibility and hold no liabilities if you personally become liable for any public liability issue.

Food Market Shops

Market Shops selling food must comply with the Food Act 2003 and the Food Standard Code.  We recommend you read the NSW Food Authority's Guidelines for food businesses at temporary events here.

Market Shops selling food MUST apply for a Temporary Event Approval from the Wagga Wagga City Council prior to the market.   The Temporary Event form is now online and must be submitted and approved by Council for you to attend any markets or events within the Wagga Wagga Council area.  You are unable to trade at River &  Wren without Council's approval.

Market Safety

River & Wren Market is committed to providing a safe working environment for market shops and our customers.  The success of the market relies upon the health, safety and welfare of all market users.  Market Shops are responsible for the safety of their site and must comply with any requests by River & Wren Market staff to keep the site free of any potential hazards to themselves and market customers.

Please complete our WH&S Checklist prior to the market opening.

Conditions... the Nitty Gritty...

Your Products

  • Your products must be made by you and definitely Made In Australia.

  • You can only sell what has been listed on your application form. You must notify us in writing if you wish to add new items to your shop.

  • We reserve the right not to accept traders who do not meet our handmade and Australian made criteria.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you conform to any Australian Standards (ACCC) pertaining to your products.  River & Wren will not be held accountable for any trademark, copyright or safety infringement.

  • You must have read and understood the mandatory safety standards applicable to your products and labelling.  You can check this at http:/

Your Market Shop

  • You cannot share market shops without approval from River &  Wren.

  • Market shops cannot be transferred, sublet, franchised or sold to any other person.

  • Your market shop is to be set up in a professional and stylish manner to reflect the boutique nature of the market.  Tables are to be completely covered and any boxes, packaging or suitcases must be hidden from view and not impost on neighbouring shop displays.

  • You must confine your displays to your allocated space, signs and displays must be within your allocated space.  

  • The size and type of signage must comply with the boutique nature of the market and must not be offensive to others.  River & Wren reserves the right to stop the market shop from trading if the owner becomes offensive towards customers and other Market shop owners.

  • Loud product promotion is prohibited.

  • It is the responsibility of the market shop to hang, place or fit signage.  You must not damage the property of the event venue or of River & Wren.


  • You are responsible for the security of your products and River & Wren holds no responsibility for any damage or loss of product.

  • You take full responsibility for your products, props, and other resources while in transit.

  • River & Wren does not hold any responsibility for product damage, personal injury, stolen items, customer returns/credits or shop cash flow.

Market Day Responsibilities

  • We have a no smoking policy for everyone within the market area.

  • Be considerate of other market shops and help if you can, they will do the same for you.

  • You are responsible for leaving your site and surrounding area clean and tidy.  Boxes and packaging must be removed from the market area or be out of sight.

  • You are responsible for the removal of all rubbish from your shop including packaging.  The bins supplied are for customer use only and NO cardboard boxes or packaging are to be placed in the bins.  A fee of $17 will be charged if this occurs.

  • You are responsible for picking up the tape that marks out your market shop prior to the market opening.

  • Market shop owners who cause any damage to the venue such as scratching the floor and wall damage will occur a cost if we are billed by the venue.


  • Copying the ideas and work of other creators is not in the spirit of the market.

  • Raffle tickets may not be sold unless pre-approved by River & Wren.

  • Market shops may only display flyers promoting their own business.

  • River & Wren accepts no responsibility for damages to persons or goods.

  • River & Wren has the right to withdraw the right to trade of any market shop in dispute with River & Wren or any other persons.  Right to trade will only be reinstated if the dispute is resolved to River & Wren's satisfaction.  River & Wren does not accept any responsibility for costs incurred by any market shop in dispute with River & Wren (this includes advertising, accommodation and equipment hire) if their offer of trade at a River & Wren market is withdrawn.

  • River & Wren has the right to reject any market shop that does not comply with these Conditions.

  • River & Wren may alter these Conditions at any time.

Just wanted to say congratulations and a huge thank you for having me at your Birthday Market.
I have done a lot of markets and festivals all over Sydney & NSW and yours was run to perfection, so professional, friendly and easy.
— Qui Trees Collective