Markets are My Passion

I just love wandering around a market.  I love the anticipation of walking into a market and not knowing which way to turn first.  I love the smells and sounds of a market - the aroma of freshly brewed coffee (even though I don't drink coffee!), the sausages sizzling on the barbecue, the bucket of lavender and burning candles; the hum of the crowd as it weaves its way through the market shops, the buskers, friends and family chatting over morning tea and children laughing and playing.  I love the colour of a market - the flowers, the bunting, the beautifully displayed market shops, the jumping castle, the people ......

When travelling, my first question on arriving at a new town is always "Where is the local market?"

From London's famous Nottinghill, Covent Garden and Camden Lock Markets, to China's Hongquio Pearl Market, the food market in Dubrovnik in Croatia where I remember buying the most delicious bread and cheese (perhaps because we were poor hungry backpackers), and Moscow's street markets where hawkers sidled up to you opening up their winter jackets lined with Soviet memorabilia.

I still have the jack-in-the box that I bought at the Covent Garden Market in London many years ago now.  My little jack-in-the-box is not only a tangible reminder of my travels and my life in London, but also of my love of a great market purchase.


When I lived in Sydney's eastern suburbs a weekend was not complete without a Saturday morning stroll to Paddington Markets to enjoy a hot chocolate with friends.

I now manage a market based in Wagga Wagga, NSW in Australia.  The River & Wren Boutique Market is primarily a handmade market that has grown into a market that is sought after by people wishing to sell their products and is strongly supported by the local community.

My Market Days explores the life of a market manager as well as looking at a market from the stall holder's and customer's perspectives.

I will also be wandering through markets whenever my family travel and will discuss markets that you might like to visit.

I hope that My Market Days inspires you to seek out markets wherever you live or travel; whether it be a handmade market, a boutique market, a farmers' market, a flea market, a bazaar or a fashion market.  Explore the market, enjoy the atmosphere and know that you are supporting local small business when you shop at a market.