A Christmas Market Like No Other!

River & Wren's Christmas Market was a handmade shopping extravaganza for those of us wishing to fill our Christmas stockings with handmade, homemade and homegrown!

Although the weather was vile (four seasons in one day!) our local community came out in droves to support the market and start their Christmas shopping.  Primarily an indoor market, we are fortunate to be relatively immune to the weather gods, but our poor outdoor shops had to contend with intermittent rain showers, blustering wind, the occasional sunshine and unseasonably cooler weather.

As a market manager the unpredictable weather did terrible things to my stress levels, but the full carpark and smiles were reassuring that despite the weather we were appreciated by our community.

A Christmas market is unique in the market calendar as it is by far the largest market of the year.  Attendance at our Christmas Market provides an opportunity for our creators to find their handiwork under Christmas trees all over the region!

Our market had almost 100 market shops which was a record for River & Wren.  And we could easily have had another 30 shops had we been able to accept all applications.  How exciting for a small country market based in Wagga Wagga in regional New South Wales!

As a Christmas Market we had beautiful Christmas decorations and homewares on offer as well as all the gorgeous handmade goodies that are regularly found at River & Wren.


I couldn't resist these little rustic Christmas trees made by the Lemonbird girls.


Many new creators joined our Christmas Market.  Bec Peel Art brought her unique and exciting paintings for all of us to enjoy.


Wollundry Gove Olives joined our Produce Pantry with their local olive oils.


Concrete jewellery made by Nancy Joanna Collection is a very popular new addition to River & Wren.


Billy Buttons sold by Pink Paddock Store walked out the door!


Blue Pear Giftware's ink homewares were also new to the market and very popular with our customers.


I desperately wanted to buy this Echoes of Arbortree restored cabinet but couldn't find a place for it to live in my home!


Cooper's Handmade Pies almost sold out!


The market crowd was shoulder-to-shoulder!


The weather was kind to us .... for an occasional few minutes throughout the day!

And what put a smile on my face?  The way our market community worked together to help each other in the inclement weather.  Oh ... and of course, watching our beautiful customers carrying overflowing bags of handmade, homemade and homegrown presents out the door.

And best of all, we get to do it all over again on Sunday, 11 December, at the Wagga Showground.  Fingers crossed (in fact, everything crossed!) for a sunny summer's day ... please ....