18 Reasons why I Love Organising a Market

I feel incredibly privileged to organise a market.

River & Wren is a handmade, homemade and homegrown market and its popularity with not just our local community, but the wider region, has shown that the community not only appreciates, but supports, our local creative industry.

I am a lucky girl to have 'found' a job that I love!

(1)  I love markets - markets are my passion!

(2)  Everyone else loves a market too!  (Well, almost everyone ....)

(3)  Creative people are inspiring.  I love surrounding myself with people who spend their lives pursuing their passions.

(4)  I meet the most amazingly talented people who have such interesting stories to tell.

(5)  I enjoy creating a beautiful and inspiring market where creative people can showcase and sell their gorgeous handmade, homemade and homegrown products.

(6)  My friends joke that I run a market so that I can do all my own handmade shopping at the one venue!  It's not really a joke.  My house is filled with handmade goodies!

(7)  It's important that we all support local small business.  That's what River & Wren is all about.

(8)  River & Wren has become a little community of like-minded people - both the stall holders and the people who come to the market.

(9)  The market allows me to express my own 'creativity' through the organisation of the market.  I can't crochet, but I can organise!

(10)  It keeps me fit (well, sort of ..)  Sometimes I can barely walk after marking out the sites in the hall.  And I should get myself a Fitbit to measure how many miles I walk on the day of a market!

(11)  I love that the market is in a position to support a community cause or charity at each market.   The Snowy Mountains Animal Rescue Team came to our last market and they were thrilled that they found forever homes for a dog and a cat with two of our market families.  So thrilled they asked to come back to our next market!!

(12)  Our local community has come to appreciate that handmade products are unique and they are willing to pay for the privilege of owning a handmade, homemade or homegrown product.

(13) I love watching people leave the market with their bags filled with their market purchases.

(14)  I love seeing the way our creators have developed strong friendships with each other and how they help each other out at the market.  Long term creators go out of their way to make new creators feel welcome to the market and "show them the ropes".

(15)  My work hours are flexible.  I can work around my other personal and family commitments.  (i.e.  I can have lunch with the girls any time I wish!!)

(16)  It's fun ... most of the time!

(17)  I'm inspired every day to explore my own creative soul and learn to crochet ... I just wish I had more time ....

(18)  But the thing I love most about River & Wren is that I have made some beautiful friends that I may not have ever met if I hadn't decided to organise a market!

Do you organise a market?  What do you love about your market?