Australian Markets I want to Visit this Year

I've set myself a little project this year - to visit at least one Australian market per month throughout 2017.

Last year I was very lucky to spend three weeks in London exploring the wonderful London markets.  You can read about that trip here.  I managed to discover 20 markets in the space of three weeks and could easily have visited another 20 had I more time.

I can only dream of repeating that amazing experience!

As I have my own market to run as well as family commitments, I've decided to start the project small and local and aim to visit Australian markets this year (unless I get lucky and a trip overseas falls my way!)

The Rules?

Well, there are no hard and fast rules really.

(1)  I just need to try to visit at least one market a month for the remainder of the year.

(2)  Preferably markets I haven't already visited, but this is not essential ....

(3)  A visit to any type of market counts.  Markets include: handmade markets, farmers markets, flea markets, antique markets, fashion markets, children's markets, school fetes, car boot sales, fashion markets, festivals that host market stalls, bazaars, etc.

(4)  I probably shouldn't include my own River & Wren Markets in the count!

The Markets

I'll be far more accountable to myself if I make a wish list of the markets I'd like to visit.  So here they are, in no particular order.

(1)  Capital Region Farmers Market - Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

      √    I visited this market a few weeks ago and you can read about it here.

(2)  Bright Markets, Bright, north eastern Victoria

      √   My daughter and I did a day trip to Bright last Saturday and you can read about it here.

I have a weekend in Sydney in March so have big plans to visit as many markets as possible ...

(3)  Paddington Markets (my market crush!) - Sydney, New South Wales

(4)  Balmain Markets - Sydney, New South Wales

(5)  Glebe Markets - Sydney, New South Wales

(6)  Rozelle Collectors Market - Sydney, New South Wales

(7)  Bondi Markets - Sydney, New South Wales

(8)  The Rocks Markets - Sydney, New South Wales

(9)  Carriageworks Farmers Market - Sydney, New South Wales

(9)  Trove Makers' Market - Bendigo, Victoria

(10) Handmade Canberra, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

(11)  Old Bus Depot Markets (my old haunt when I lived in Canberra), Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

(12)  Hall Markets - Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

(13)  Finders' Keepers Market - Sydney or Melbourne

(14)  Round She Goes Pre-Loved Fashion Market - Sydney or Melbourne

(15)  Riverina Producers' Market - Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

(16) Eumundi Markets - Eumundi, Queensland - this is obviously not local, but a girl needs to fantasise occasionally

(17)  Byron Market - Byron Bay, New South Wales - another one for the fantasise list!

These are just the markets that have popped into my head without too much thought.  There are so many other amazing Australian markets that could be on this list.

I expect that I won't make it all of the markets I've listed.  And I imagine that I'll find other markets to visit as I travel throughout the year.  That doesn't matter, as long as I'm exploring markets every month I'll achieve my goal and hopefully visit far more than 12 markets during 2017.

Wish me luck!

Do you have any suggestions of markets I should be visiting - Australian or in another country?