Exploring a Farmers Market in Canberra

A girls weekend in Canberra gave me the opportunity to explore the Capital Region Farmers Market.

Several foodies who trade at River & Wren (my market!) also trade at this market and all the reports have been good!

After spending Friday enjoying the Versailles exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia and sitting in the lounge of the Hyatt Hotel for seven hours catching up on all our news, drinking copious cups of tea and nibbling on delicacies from the high tea menu, Saturday was the day for exploring.

Unfortunately our weekend in Canberra coincided with the hottest weekend in history (or at least it felt that way!).   Leaving our deliciously cool air-conditioned hotel was not easy, but the market was worth the effort.  A large exhibition shed filled with homemade products and homegrown produce was our reward.

Too hot for coffee, we brunched on crepes and my apricot and cardamon crepe with yoghurt was a taste explosion!   Wanting to make the sauce at home I looked for apricots to buy, but couldn't find any!  The apricot season must be finished.  Next season ....

The market offered every type of fruit and vegetable imaginable (except apricots).   Flowers, bread, fish, meat, eggs, baked goods, coffee, homemade condiments, plants, oils, apple juice and pet food all filled the hall.  Several street food stalls, including my creperie, provided food to eat at the market.

Buying bananas, I noticed they came from the Tweed Valley in northern NSW.  Chatting to the grower, I was excited to discover his plantation is near the little town where I grew up!   He travels to Canberra every second weekend to sell at the market - that's about an 1100 kilometre trip - one way!

I didn't fill my market basket as I was leaving Canberra later in the day and I had a long drive home.  I did however, take home an exquisite fruit loaf filled with apple, sultanas and walnuts.  I'm thinking a regular trip to Canberra just to stock up on this bread is not out of the question!

The story of the market can best be told in pictures ....


The Capital Region Farmers Market is run by the Rotary Club of Hall and is held 7.30am - 11.30am every Saturday at the Exhibition Park in Canberra.

Will you be visiting a farmers market this weekend?  Let me know which one.