How to Choose an Amazing Name for a Market

Having decided to run a beautiful handmade country market, I realised that the very first thing I needed to do was choose an amazing market name.  A name that would represent the handmade and country nature of the market.  And a name that would become recognisable and synonymous with our town and region.

This is how River & Wren 'found' its name:

(1)  I knew that I wanted a "something & something" name for the market but struggled to put two "somethings" together that sounded right.

(2)  I wrote down all my ideas and played with the words, while not mentioning my plans to anyone!

(3)  My gorgeous friend (let's call her Daniela) invited me to lunch at her farm on the other side of town with another friend (we'll call her Annabel).  I admitted to them that I was about to become a market manager.  But that the market didn't yet have a name!  We spent the rest of the day workshopping possible names.  Although some of the suggestions were fabulous, none of them were quite right.

(4)  Arriving back in town too late to prepare dinner I bought Chinese take-away on the way home.  At the restaurant I glanced across the road and saw  Feather & Willow.  A beautiful homeware shop that I drive past almost every time I go to town.

(5)  A light bulb moment!!!

(6)   River & Wren was born!   River because we live on the mighty Murrumbidgee River and Wren for several reasons:  we have wrens playing in our garden; they're a beautiful bird, particularly the blue male bird; wrens like to collect things as if they were shopping at a market; and also because when I was younger my aunt called me Jenny Wren!

(7)  I knew straight away that this was the name of my new market, but I didn't tell anyone for several weeks as I was afraid they wouldn't like it as much as I did.

(8)  Having found the name though, I had to research to make sure my proposed market name was available as a business name and on all the social media networks.  It was!

(9)  So that's how River & Wren Boutique Market found its name.  And as they say, the rest is history, and we now have a beautiful and inspiring country market that is known simply as "River & Wren" - exactly as I'd hoped it would be!

(10)  Only just last week did I tell the owner of Feather & Willow the role that her business played in the naming of my market!

Do you have a business?  How did you choose your business name?