How to Create a Country Home Office

Until recently, I didn't have a home office.  I ran River & Wren from our kitchen table.  Although it's an excessively large table, the kitchen is the centre of our farm house and I was constantly being interrupted by the everyday workings of the farm.

It became very obvious that I needed my own workspace away from the house.

(1) Find your New Workspace

After considering all the options, as is often the case, the solution was right in front of us the whole time!

The end of one of the sheds on the farm was the perfect spot for an office!   It just needed to be cleared of all the "junk", oops, treasure!, and a room built to house the office.


The shed before the makeover!


With our junk (oops treasure) removed, the chooks moved in ....

(2)  Build the Office

As building an office was not in our skills set, we engaged a builder to construct a 6m x 3m office at the end of the shed closest to our house.

Despite a few challenges for the builders, including dealing with the wonky 100 year old tin shed walls, they built the office in a matter of weeks.

(3)  Paint the Office and Choose the Flooring

Don't be like me and deliberate for weeks over which 'white' to paint the walls, choose a white, paint ....  and then not like it ... and have to paint the walls again in another white!  For a novice painter like me, this was not much fun!

As for the flooring, as I have one of the shed's support poles inside the office, that just happens to be an old tree trunk, I had to choose a flooring that didn't clash with the tree trunk.  The one and only board that I actually liked happened to be out of stock and not even in the country!  In total exasperation I decided to paint the floor a grey instead.  Much cheaper - though more painting for me!


My tree trunk and office sign painted by my daughter.

(4)  Furniture

As much as I love handmade, upcycling and recycling, I have a sneaky love of Ikea and have to admit to finding my desk at the Sweedish megastore!


My fabulous trestle desk

I did however recycle my son's  bookshelf that he no longer wanted.  A coat of grey paint made it a new piece of furniture ... more painting!


(5)  Artwork


My beautiful blue wren painted by my very talented friend Bec Peel Art Australia.

(6)  Plants

My thumbs are not particularly green so I needed indoor plants that didn't require much 'love' to stay alive!  I can certainly vouch for the sturdy Mother-in-law's Tongue and Zanzibar Gem!  They're still alive ....


Zanzibar Gem

(7)  Fill your Office with Special Tresures

And most importantly, to create a lovely relaxed country atmosphere, I've added lots of special treasures to my office.


My most prized treasure is my Jack-in-a-Box that I bought from the Covent Garden Markets in London many many many years ago when I lived in London.  He reminds me of all the reasons why I love markets and why I am so passionate about River & Wren.


Twine love .... very country!


My collection of creative books to inspire me to creative greatness!!!


My River & Wren 'teal' collection from London with a little bit of Jane Austen thrown in!


Love my gorgeous Billy Buttons!


Spindles I bought from a market many years ago.


This gorgeous handmade fabric wren was made for me by the lovely Marg from the Wagga Wagga Embroider's Guild.  Thank you Marg.

(7)  Work!

Lots of beautiful creative work now takes place in my office.  If only I could fix the internet issues so that I don't have to keep returning to the kitchen table every time the internet drops out!  One of the 'joys' of living in the country I suppose ...

(8)  My Home Office 'To Do' List

(1)  Find a comfy chair for the office for the times when I 'need' to sit and read.

(2)  Remove the farm bits and bobs leaning up against the outside walls of my office and create a garden of potted plants on the raised frame.  The chooks and sheep would be too destructive on anything planted around the base of the shed!

Have you found a creative solution to solve your workspace challenges?