My Dream to Organise Market Tours

Organising market tours has been a dream of mine for a long time now.  And here I am in a blogging workshop with the inspirational Simone Eyles from Working Spaces HQ and she's telling me to stop procrastinating and start doing.

So it's now time to start planning my market tours.

Last year I had three weeks in London to celebrate a significant birthday.  I spent the three weeks wandering around London and reacquainting myself with London's amazing markets.  I didn't get to all the markets, but I did visit about 11 markets and some of them I 'happened upon' several times.

I came away inspired to organise markets tours.

But then I came home.  I had a fashion market to organise and my two huge River & Wren Christmas markets.  And there went all my time and energy and the tour idea was filed away for a later date.

And it remained filed away .... until today.

I felt that I had to prove that I could run a market and prove my authority within the 'market industry' before I could even think about the tours.  But the girls are telling me that I have already achieved this with the success of River & Wren.  I must admit though that I'm a little nervous about stating this so publicly as now I'll have to start working to make the dream a reality!

But how amazing would a tour of London markets be!  Perhaps I should start small ...

So, it's now time to do some research.

Would you come on a market tour with me?