My Vision for River & Wren

I'm one of those people who have all kinds of crazy ideas swirling around in my head and some time ago I realised that these ideas were my vision for River & Wren.

I've been holding back on actioning any of the ideas while I established River & Wren as a "must visit" market of high quality on-trend handmade, homemade and homegrown.  I needed to establish the market as a success to be able to use the market as a catalyst for my other related ideas.

With market visitor numbers exceeding all expectations and an unprecedented number of applications from artisans from all over the region and beyond, I've achieved my goal of creating a market that can compete with the amazing capital city markets that I love so much.

I get such a thrill watching our market visitors come through our doors and knowing that they are not only local lovers of handmade but people who travel many hours from all over the region to attend River & Wren.  I even know that people from Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney travel to our region specifically to come to River & Wren or plan a trip to Wagga around the date of our market!

Having created River & Wren from a market of 50 stall holders to a market of at least 110 stall holders at each market and having a reputation of being "the best" country handmade market around,  I'm beyond proud of my little market!

I was super excited to recently read the following review on the market's TripAdvisor page:

"I am a huge fan of Sydney markets and was craving something similar and this (River & Wren) exceeded my expectations ten fold! Such amazing talent in this community and so proud to support it. It inspired me to take up some new hobbies!
Sent the event to everyone I know for next time!"

Lauren M

Lauren made my day!  And along with attending an event last week with the queen of disruption, Lisa Messenger, my head is spinning with possibilities.

If River & Wren has proven one thing (though I personally think it has proven far more than one!) it is that our community is filled with some incredibly talented people.  Actually the second thing that it has proven is that our community love and appreciate all things handmade and homegrown.

Having created such a vibrant handmade community it's time to build on that community.

My vision you ask?  Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to use the success of River & Wren to establish Wagga and the Riverina as the hub of country handmade.  As the go-to destination for all things country handmade.

Wouldn't that be fabulous for our region!!  Not only for our talented artisans but for the wider community as a whole.

I'll just put this 'out there' for the moment.

But watch this space.

What do you think?