Our Beautiful Kind and Happy Market Community

River & Wren is a kind market community.  We're a friendly market.  A happy market.

These principles guide me in all of my market planning.  I'm so pleased to say that our market stall holders are also guided by the same principles

In the lead up to our Mother's Day Market I was contacted by one stall holder (creator A) who wanted to pay the stall fees for another stall holder (creator B)  ... anonymously.  Creator B had provided her services in a collaboration with creator A and creator A wanted to express her appreciation by carrying out a random act of kindness.

How kind!

I love random acts of kindness.  And I love this quote by Princess Diana.


Our market stall holders (or creators as I call them) are lovely people.

I love watching them interact with each other and help each other on market day.  Many of our stall holders are market "pros" who have been around the market scene for a long time. Many are just starting out on their market journey.  Our old timers are so generous with their time and knowledge and many friendships have been forged at River & Wren.  Not only have I made some lovely friendships with beautiful creative souls, but stall holders form friendships with each other and they support each other not just personally but on each other's social media.

Our market community is a little unique in the business world in that it is made up of a large and diverse group of creative people.  Mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas, young people and even school aged people.  All who have a passion to share their creative souls with the community through River & Wren.  Their home-based businesses allow them to contribute towards their family incomes and sometimes their market business is their family income.  They choose to sell through markets and enjoy being a part of River & Wren's vibrant market community.

They love what they do and when you love what you do being kind, happy and friendly comes naturally.