Have You Noticed Anything Different Around Here Lately?

As River & Wren approaches its 4th birthday, I thought it was time to tweak the name of the market to better reflect the market it has become.

Those of you who know the market well, will have noticed that our new 'tweaked' name is

River & Wren Market

We're still exactly the same beautiful indoor country handmade market, but the word 'Boutique' has been taken away and we are now a singular Market, not Markets

I'm not sure why I ever thought Markets was a good idea but we're one market held six times a year so away went the "s" on Market!  If it's good enough for Portobello Road Market to be a singular Market then its good enough for us!

Who though would have thought that such small changes would have created so much work!  

Most of the changes have been made, but it will take some time for everything to be updated.

The most important thing to remember is our new email address:


And our new website is:



River & Wren Market



Please be patient as we transition to the new name.  For the time being you'll still find us if you call us 'Markets' but it will help if you use our new email address to contact us.

Here's to another fabulous four years .... and more!